Agile task management for creative people

June 28, 2011
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In the human brain the right hemisphere is responsible for activities like musicality, creativity and spatial powers of imagination and the left hemisphere controls functions like logical and analytical thinking. But most people do not use both hemispheres to the same extent. Creative people, people who, for example, are quicker with the capture and production of graphical content tend to have a more well-developed right hemisphere. However, mathematically gifted people use their left hemisphere more frequently.

The classical task management systems, in which tasks are showed in linear form, lined up deadline by deadline, are hardly manageable for creative people. Moreover, such systems restrict the creativity and often lead, therefore, to the fact that creatively inclined people lose interest in such systems after a short time. In addition, missing the opportunity to let one's own creativity run free in the management of tasks often leads to unnecessary stress situations for creative people if they try to squeeze their tasks into such a defined system because it contradicts their nature.

The solution: agile task management with the time management matrix.
The time management matrix was used by former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower and later optimized by efficiency expert Dr. Stephen R. Covey. Within the time management matrix, tasks are organized using "deadline" and "importance" as criteria.

How you can establish your own task planning according to this principle is described in the article "Two-Dimensional Task Planning - Importance vs. Urgency".

TasksOnSteroids offers you with LifeQuadrants a convenient way to use the time management matrix. In LifeQuadrants all tasks are showed in a graphical system. LifeQuadrants forces no schedule upon the user and also does not prescribe which task has to be done when. Rather, LifeQuadrants leads the user in the direction aimed by him or her without losing sight of the 'big picture'.

LifeQuadrants helps you to distinguish important tasks from insignificant tasks and focuses your attention on the activities which help you. Because, if you want to get closer to your personal and professional goals, it is of essential importance to concentrate on the important tasks, and not to waste time with tasks that not only occupy you, but do not really help at all.

Best of all, why not try it immediately!


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