Two simple ways to abide more easily by your resolutions in the future

October 02, 2011
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Resolutions are a bit tricky. The moment you make them you are all for it and want to abide by them and to thereby change your life in some way or another. But only a short time after that you’ve already forgotten about your resolutions. Eventually you remember and find excuses why you couldn’t manage to abide by them. Over the years even your motivation suffers from your inconsequence and you make less and less resolutions because you lose faith in abiding by them.

In this article I want to show you two ways which will help you to change your resolutions into habits and keep them up.

Use familiar activities
Let’s say you often suffer from heartburn and want to approach that problem with a good habit. Your plan is to shift your acid-base balance into the basic area with the help of alkaline salts (e.g. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda). To achieve this goal you should integrate alkaline salt into your daily routine somehow.

You could resolve drinking alkaline water every day after getting up, but as this new activity hasn’t been part of your daily routine yet, you would probably soon forget about it and thus face the initial problem anew.

A better solution is to integrate this new activity into your daily routine. You can, for example, replace your shower gel with the alkaline salt *. Now, every time you take a shower, you will remember to use the alkaline salt. It’s impossible to forget about your resolution from now on and the new habit can take a root in your life after only a short period of time.

The continuous reminder
Another option to get used to resolutions is the continuous reminder.

Losing bad habits is often difficult because we’ve got used to them over many years. The subconscious mind fights changes and tries to follow familiar paths. But this is the very mechanism we can derive benefit from so that we familiarize good behavioral patterns. You just have to repeat the designated action often enough to make it become your second nature.

For the time it takes you to internalize the new pattern you might use continuous reminders to help you.

If you want to work out twice a week in the future, for example, you could set a weekly alarm on your mobile phone for Mondays and Thursdays to remind you of your workout. The important thing is to accept every of these reminders as a personal commitment; after all it is not your goal to ignore those continuous reminders, is it?

If the aspired new habit is not temporarily limited, you can of course work with post-its which you place somewhere where you can often see them (e.g. your fridge or the frame of your computer screen). To be more effective you might, for example, write a post-it that says: “Remember Parkinson’s law” *². Every time you read that you can check whether you excess the time frame you allowed yourself to spend on your current task and thus can catch up on everything.

Did you know that TasksOnSteroids' LifeQuadrants makes it possible for you to set continuous reminders for your tasks which are automatically sent to you via e-mail at your favored time?

Furthermore TasksOnSteroids makes it possible for you to chart continuous reminders (namely digital post-its) for your new habits without any time frame. Just go to the maxims-section, activate the 'display' tick and chart as many reminders as you like. Every page view will show you one of your reminders randomly.

Let me give you some more advice on reasonable reminders:

  • “How much have I achieved during the last week?” If you ask yourself this question once a week, it helps you to become aware of your continuous success and your progress.

  • “What do I appreciate?” Answering this question from time to time makes you oblivious to all the good things there actually are in your life.

*Additional information on the topic of alkaline salt:
Alkaline salt is a brilliant natural skin-cleaning remedy that was already used in ancient Rome. Furthermore it is as well possible to control your acid-base balance by your skin absorbing the basic elements of the alkaline salt, as it is by drinking alkaline water. For further information read: Health by purification

*² Additional Information on Parkinson’s Law:
Parkinsons Law predicates that activities tend to utilize the time available fully. That’s why a seminar paper/ an assignment always takes a whole term and nevertheless is stressful in the end. For further information read: Parkinson's Law


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