Stressed? Try these 3 tips!

December 11, 2011
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Stress is unhealthy and should be avoided. Unfortunately, this is not always so easy. Periods full of events, such as the end of the year with its upcoming annual financial statements, preparations for Christmas, family celebrations and alike will quickly become stressful.

But with a few simple measures you will be able to brush off stress in the future.

Did you know that good stress also exists?
There are two types of stress: Eustress (= good, motivating stress) and distress (= bad, unhealthy stress).

Eustress shows up e.g. before a speech in front of a large audience or before a parachute jump. It is characterized by the fact that it is built up in a short time and ends with a certain event. Usually during this period, pleasure hormones will be discharged by the body, which will encourage us to set high standards, also for the future. Eustress drives us forward. It motivates us to set high standards again in the future. Eustress is not unhealthy and therefore must not be avoided.

Distress differs from Eustress in that it builds up over a longer period and there is no terminating event. Pressure always increases with time. Distress arises when, for example, one feels overwhelmed by his tasks, or also when there are no relaxation periods after strenuous work. Distress is unhealthy and should be avoided. If you want to know how to do this - just keep reading.

What can you do to avoid bad stress?

Capture tasks on paper
By writing them down, you don't need to remember them any more. By simply writing down tasks you can avoid stress. The subconscious is freed from the obligation of having to remember a task again and again. This way you will be automatically calm and better able to concentrate on the task which you are currently undertaking.

He who plans earlier is more relaxed later
An early planning of upcoming tasks avoids stress. Therefore you should take the time to draw up a proper planning before work-intensive phases. This way you will have the big picture in view from the beginning. You will know what to do, the existing dependencies between tasks and when you need to start the individual activities.

Space for relaxation
Rushing from task to task generates stress. Therefore it is also important to occasionally take time to pursue activities which you find relaxing. However, if you are already completely immersed into stress, you tend to forget such relaxing activities quickly. A simple way to remain in balance is to also plan relaxing activities in the task schedule. This way you could take a pleasant walk, visit the gym or meditate briefly, even in stressful periods.

Tasks can be planned stress-free with LifeQuadrants. Using the time-management-matrix ensures that there will be no lack of obligations nor relaxing activities in your time management.


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Paul Bantusitse
15 Nov 09:49

I have been having a deep sress because my girlfriend was ignoring me as well as not receiving the love that im giving her so since i approached this website that deals with stress i can tell that i now know how to manage stress so i dont know if i could dump her since she gives me hardtime or try to talk to her though she is not willing to change


Muhammad babar mansoor
15 Feb 12:42

Its really nice information for me and i think that it will be useful for me in my upcoming life.
Thank a lot


05 Mar 07:08

hello! thankyou that i found u here,, will i am so glad to read about stressed. this is especially in my job,, sometimes it so oftensive by aproaching the clients. some of them i cant handle easily. but im trying to be patient of them. and because of that it will replct in my emotions, and ill be stressed. now that i know already i will be more calm and try to reject anything to make me stressy. and i do my job in not to meet any deadline,,. so' in that way i help my self to avoid me in stressed.


Homeopathic Doctor
05 Nov 09:58

Stress can lead a variety of problems so it must be treated as soon as it is detected. Exercising, healthy foods, taking up a hobby that provides relaxation to you, meditation (if you can do it), yoga all help in destressing but they take time in showing effects. So if your stress is getting out of hand and affecting your day to day activities, you can opt for alternative medicinal courses like that of homeopathy instead of allopathy. Homeopathy has no side effects.


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