Your wishes and goals – an assessment

December 27, 2011
Image by Kriss Szkurlatowski

Have you ever considered not making New Year’s resolutions but instead making an evaluation of your wishes and goals?

Businesses make evaluations at least once a year in the form of annual financial statements, inventories, etc. Such assessments are meant to provide information as to whether the expected goals were reached and how business currently stands.

Making an evaluation each year is not just important for businesses but also offers benefits to you as an individual. You benefit from your personal annual evaluation for the following reasons, as examples:

  • You survey once again the successes achieved in the last year. This way you obtain confirmation that the efforts invested were worth it. This confirmation in turn spurs on new actions.

  • You will be reminded of the goals that you set for yourself last year and then forgot. Through this remembrance, you gain the chance to correct your course and to renew a goal on the agenda or, if the goal is no longer important, to remove it entirely.

  • An evaluation is also always a new beginning. Thus in the course of your personal annual evaluation you should also consider the goals and wishes that you are currently working on and will also work on in the next year.

  • You become aware of what direction you are moving in. What was important to me before? What do I want to achieve today? What are the goals that I have already been working on for years?

What is the status of your personal assessment?
In case you already have a list in which you have collected your goals and wishes, then you deserve congratulation. You are on the right course to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. The New Year would be a good opportunity for you to go through your list again and bring it up to date.

If you have not yet collected your goals and wishes in writing, then you should use the New Year to start on that task. Did you know that the probability of reaching your goals rises significantly if you write them down? Click here to find out why!

In case you would now like to begin your own goal-planning or optimize your existing goal-planning, you should definitely check out CourseControl right away. CourseControl was specifically developed to give you optimal support in the maintenance and organization of your goals and wishes.

In addition, you can find some helpful tips for your goal-planning in the CourseControl introduction. You will learn, for example:


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simon njuguna
12 Oct 16:04

challenges are there to make us strong


Akash Srivastav
22 Oct 18:04

Inspired and Motivated
Nice Article.


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