Dreamlining – It’s time to live your dreams!

January 27, 2013
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In his book 'The 4-Hour Workweek' Tim Ferriss explains how you can reach unrealistic goals with dreamlining, the method of target achievement of the 'New Rich', in six to twelve months time. The slogan here is: 'Think Big, not Realistic!'

As dreamlining has proved its worth to us at TaskOnSteroids in an on-road test, we adopted it to our TasksOnSteroids methods as a tool for achieving intermediate goals under the name Dreamlines.

Dreamlining is about defining great goals that are to be achieved in six to twelve months time. Therefore it is not important for the goals to be realistic but just to be worthwhile. Tim Ferriss suggests asking oneself the following question in order to find these goals: What would I do if I were ten times as smart as the rest of the world and if I could achieve anything I take up?

Afterwards every defined goal is categorized as HAVE, BE or DO. If you have found three to four goals for each category, you start defining a particular dreamline each similar to the following:

Until <DATE> I dream of having / being / doing <GOAL>.

Then you include the monthly costs for every goal as well as the next step you have to take to achieve them. By adding up the monthly dreamline costs and the monthly living expenses you can generate the monthly objective income you need to achieve your goals. Once you have worked out the goals and thus see the data in cold print, you become aware of the fact that a lot more is possible than you would originally have undertaken.

Dreams can come true with dreamlining!

Two sample dreamlines:

  • Learning how to surf
    • Dreamline: I’m dreaming of being a surfer in six months.
    • Monthly expenses: $200 (total expenses for holidays and surf lessons $1200 / 6 months)
    • Next step (today): Finding a holiday destination at which surfing is possible and approaching a local surf school.
  • Going on a journey round the world
    • Dreamline: I’m dreaming of going on a journey round the world in twelve months.
    • Monthly expenses: $1500 (If you minimize the monthly living expenses at home and if you travel the right countries, this amount is totally plausible.)
    • Next step (today): Agreeing on a sabbatical with your employer.

You can find detailed information on dreamlining in the blog of Tim Ferriss and in his book The 4-Hour Workweek.


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