Agile task management for creative people

June 28, 2011

In the human brain the right hemisphere is responsible for activities like musicality, creativity and spatial powers of imagination and the left hemisphere controls functions like logical and analytical thinking. But most people do not use both hemispheres to the same extent. Creative people, people who, for example, are quicker with the capture and production of graphical content tend to have a more well-developed right hemisphere. However, mathematically gifted people use their left hemisphere more frequently.

The classical task management systems, in which tasks are showed in linear form, lined up deadline by deadline, are hardly manageable for creative people...

Planning for success: The advantage of writing down goals

June 07, 2011

Writing down your goals is extremely important and it has a significant impact on whether you will achieve a goal or not. If you are willing to do some extra work in planning your goals, you can also considerably increase the probability of achieving a goal.

The Dominican University of California conducted a study on this subject. This article gives attention to part of that study; ...

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