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„Being wealthy does not mean that one possesses much. Being wealthy means that one is able to do what one wants at all times.“

Motto of the New Rich


TasksOnSteroid's Dreamlines deals with the goal-planning method of the 'New Rich', the Dreamlining. With Dreamlining, a concrete deadline is established for dream goals, by which one wants to have reached the goal. This results in a timeline for each Dreamline. With Dreamlining, goals comprised of vague wishes become comprised of concrete steps. As a result, the more unrealistic a Dreamline is, the better. The reason for this is that the prospect of achieving an unrealistic goal is more motivating and, therefore, it mobilizes much more energy.

The central elements of Dreamlining are the deadline, success control and the cost. Furthermore, the vision is an added element in TasksOnSteroid's Dreamlines.

The Deadline

Do you know the problem with assignments that have no deadline?

  • One day I will take a trip around the world
  • In a couple of months I will be in top physical condition
  • Someday I want to be rich

People commonly tend to put off assignments that don't have a deadline. The absence of a deadline means that we will want to begin an assignment tomorrow, or at some later point. Today, however, seems to be not the correct time. In this way, we put off the realization of our life dreams. Month after month, and year after year.

But what happens when one sets a concrete, realistic deadline for a task? Suddenly the task changes from a subconscious consideration to a manageable obligation. The subconscious is stimulated and begins to produce ideas that help one to realize the current goal.

A deadline makes the difference...
...whether I allow myself junk food today, or if I want to stick to my deadline to achieve top physical condition and will do without junk food today. A deadline means that today, not tomorrow, I will begin to educate myself further in finance, in order to come closer to my dream of financial independence.

The Vision

The vision is necessary in order to concretize the goal. A picture of your goal should exist in your head. The vision makes goals achievable and lifts them from an abstract to a concrete level.

After developing the vision, a goal no longer is, for example, 'I want to be wealthy', but rather 'I want to become financially independent via a passive income of $x per month'.

The Success Control

With the success control, the vision is tried out and the achieved goal is put to the test. The success control is necessary only with Beeing-Dreamlines. Activities are incorporated here that one can implement when one has achieved an Beeing-Dreamline.

If, for example, the Dreamline is "I want to be in top physical condition", a possible success control could be to take part in a marathon.

Best Practice:
When one includes friends in the set goal or otherwise becomes obligated to carry out the success control (for example, by registering for a marathon), an inner obligation arises that makes it difficult for one to give up a goal when the way there becomes more difficult. The prospects of success are significantly increased as a result.

The Costs

Here, total costs are incorporated that accrue to achieve the Dreamline. These costs are split up monthly over the entire course of the Dreamline in order to show what monthly income is necessary to finance this Dreamline.

Monthly Expenses

In order to calculate the Target Monthly Income, the repeating monthly expenses (rent, groceries, etc.) are added to Dreamline costs in TasksOnSteroid's Dreamlines. A buffer of 30% is calculated automatically into these monthly expenses as a precaution accounting for emergencies.

With the monthly expenses, normally there is leeway to reduce the necessary Target Monthly Income; for example, when one cancels an unused membership or unnecessary insurance.

The Target Monthly Income
The monthly expenses, together with the monthly Dreamline costs, result in the necessary Target Monthly Income that must be generated in order to sustain one's life standards and to achieve the Dreamlines planned.

Assigned Short-Term Tasks

Here, concrete short-term tasks can be set for each Dreamline. At least one task should be assigned to each Dreamline that can be achieved today, a task that can be achieved tomorrow and one that can be taken care of the day after tomorrow. As a result, the Dreamline will be achieved more quickly and will not remain in the status of 'untouched', constantly being delayed.

The short-term tasks are also editable in the Time Management Matrix in TasksOnSteroid's LifeQuadrants. Otherwise, it is also possible to assign already-existing short-term tasks from LifeQuadrants to a Dreamline.


Dreamlines has been inspired by the book 'The 4-Hour Workweek' by Timothy Ferriss.

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