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Hint: A dreamline should not last longer than six months
The deadline of Dreamlines should lie 6 - 12 months in the future.
Until I dream of
After developing the vision, a goal no longer is, for example, 'I want to be wealthy', but rather 'I want to become financially independent via a passive income of $x per month'.
With the success control, the vision is tried out and the achieved goal is put to the test. If, for example, the Dreamline is 'I want to be in top physical condition', a possible success control could be to take part in a marathon.
Here, total costs are incorporated that accrue to achieve the Dreamline. These costs are split up monthly over the entire course of the Dreamline in order to show what monthly income is necessary to finance this Dreamline.
$ = $ /

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assigned short-term tasks
Here, concrete short-term assignments can be placed in LifeQuadrants for each Dreamline.

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