An article about the importance of sound task management

February 24, 2017
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Task Management: An important element to success

Reasons for task management

Who doesn’t know that feeling when you have a thousand items to do? Everything has to be done immediately and it’s all due right at the same time. Unfortunately, this is only possible with good organization. Many not so important tasks become obstacles for important tasks that can otherwise be quickly accomplished.

With a good system, you can save time and accomplish more.

Improvement via the Eisenhower Matrix

Task management is facilitated by the so-called Eisenhower Principle (Eisenhower Matrix). Tasks are broken up into four categories: A, B, C and D. A represents the “Important – do it yourself quickly” tasks. B also represents the important tasks, but you can schedule to do them after the A’s. Category C tasks should be delegated to competent employees, while a task in category D, is unimportant and could potentially just end up in the trash.

Have I grabbed your attention? Here you can directly test out these principles yourself: To The Eisenhower Matrix Web Application

Here are more advantages to this system of task delegation

Implementation of a uniform system allows others to quickly enact the principles.
Also, the probability is much higher that one of your new employees already has experience with these systems from their previous company and are able to immediately implement these ideas.

Beside the advantage that you get consistency in the organization of your work, you can also expect refreshing quotes for motivation in the web application provided here. Management goes through discipline and inner motivation. Obstacles are removed from the get-go.

How best to begin?

There will definitely be a hurdle to jump, but that is completely normal. The beginning will take time to integrate the system into your established tasks at hand. Habits are difficult to change. But once the heart of your current system has been overcome, then the new system will automatically display your increase in productivity. Here is a tip: It is best to begin now, so you don’t let this opportunity continuously go through your head without taking action. Simply begin by implementing this new system for a few tasks alongside your current system. You and your employees will soon experience the benefits of organizing your tasks, and quickly make the change to the new organized task management.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the web platform is completely free?

I wish you great success in trying and using this behavioral concept.


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