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Our goal in creating TasksOnSteroids was to build a task management system that covers the whole spectrum of tasks people have to take care of in order to be successful.

TasksOnSteroids is a task management system designed not only for work-related tasks — TasksOnSteroids helps you to better organize all of your tasks, no matter what kind (work-related, personal / short, medium, long-term), and thus to achieve more in the long run.

TasksOnSteroids consists of the three independent applications CourseControl, Dreamlines and LifeQuadrants, that may, depending on one's requirements, be used independently or in combination with another.


CourseControl is an application for maintaining a list of 100 life goals (also known as a 'bucket list'). In CourseControl, you identify your life goals and plan things you want to accomplish over a longer term. CourseControl serves as a kind of compass that you can pick up anytime to make sure that you have not strayed off course.


Dreamlining is a method to reach medium-term goals, which has become known mainly through Tim Ferriss' bestseller 'The 4-Hour Workweek'. Use this application to plan everything you would like to achieve over the next few months. Dreamlines is for creating dream schedules rather than time schedules.


LifeQuadrants is a software implementation of the Time Management Matrix (also known as the Eisenhower Matrix).

LifeQuadrants optimally supports you in organizing your short-term tasks and things on your daily to-do list. With LifeQuadrants, it takes only one glance to see which tasks are the actually important ones and what you should focus on in order to make the best use of your time.

The TasksOnSteroids Method

The TasksOnSteroids method entails using these three applications together to leverage additional synergies.

  • Determine your long-term goals using CourseControl. One after the other, select individual goals you would like to realize.
  • Break the selected goals down into medium-term tasks, add them to Dreamlines, and link them with the corresponding long-term goal.
  • Finally, add tasks corresponding to those medium-term tasks to LifeQuadrants — they will go straight into your daily schedule from now on.
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