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Use Dreamlining, the goal-planning method of the New Rich, to plan your medium-term goals.
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I dream of having a new entertainment system
Number Assigned Tasks: Buy a technical magazine regarding multimedia ...
monthly cost: 180 $
Time: 5% elapsed
I dream of being head of department
Number Assigned Tasks: nothing assigned yet
monthly cost: 0 $
Time: 8% elapsed
I dream of being in top physical condition
Number Assigned Tasks: Go for a run (2x per week)
monthly cost: 0 $
Time: 50% elapsed
I dream of doing a skydive
Number Assigned Tasks: nothing assigned yet
monthly cost: 34 $
Time: 23% elapsed
I dream of doing a Caribbean cruise
Number Assigned Tasks: Internet research: Sights in Caribbean Islands...
monthly cost: 85 $
Time: 3% elapsed
monthly total for all dreamlines: 299 $
monthly expenses with 30% buffer: 1495 $
Target monthly income: 1794 $

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